Daios Cove Lifestyle with Luxury Villas in Cyprus

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  • Can I Really Find Luxury Villas in Northern Cyprus?
  • Is Northern Cyprus Similar to Daios Cove?
  • How is Northern Cyprus Different from Daios Cove?

As you likely know, Crete’s Daios Cove is becoming an increasingly popular place for people to spend holidays. This five-star area provides luxury living for those seeking a getaway. While Daios Cove is great for visits, you may find that it is a bit out of your price range when looking to invest. Fortunately, there is an excellent alternative to the Daios Cove lifestyle here in Northern Cyprus where you can find luxury villas to suit your every need.

Can I Really Find Luxury Villas in Northern Cyprus?

If you are not familiar with Northern Cyprus, you may be surprised to find that there are many options for luxury villas on the island. With the benefit of a Mediterranean climate, Northern Cyprus has attracted people for decades who want to live the good life.

There are many options for luxury villas in Northern Cyprus. This is particularly true when you are looking in the districts Iskele, Kyrenia, and Nicosia. These places have many options for luxury villas with a myriad of amenities and architectural styles.

Of course, one of the things people most love about the luxury villas in Northern Cyprus is the proximity to the beach. The area is known for its beaches and many people want a villa that allows them to take advantage of the warm summers. For more information about the many options for luxury villas, take a look at the villa listings on our website.

Is Northern Cyprus Similar to Daios Cove?

While you will not find the expensive prices that you find in Daios Cove, you will find many things that the island has in common with the popular Greek resort area. Here are some of the ways in which Northern Cyprus is quite similar to Daios Cove.

Opportunities for Luxury

If you truly want to be pampered, you will find many options here in Northern Cyprus. From opulent spas to trendy casinos, there are many options for luxury in Northern Cyprus. If you want to seek out high end restaurants and experiences, you will easily be able to find them, particularly in the seaside communities.

True Relaxation

One reason many people want to travel to Daios Cove is for the relaxation. This is a huge characteristic of life here in Northern Cyprus as well. If you want to have a restful day on the beach, read poolside, or stroll through beautiful natural scenery, options abound in Northern Cyprus.

Beautiful Vistas

Daios Cove is truly a beautiful place. However, you will find the scenery to be quite similar to that of Northern Cyprus. Both islands share beautiful Mediterranean views. Add to this the fact that both Cyprus and Daios Cove share a similar longitude and it is no surprise that you will see similar geographic features on both.

Bountiful Culture

People love experiencing the Greek culture on the island of Crete and Daios Cove. You will also find extensive culture here on Northern Cyprus, although our culture is Turkish instead of Greek. From traditional dances to cuisine, immerse yourself in a different culture. However, if you still prefer Greek, you can get your fill of Greek culture in Southern Cyprus, just a short trip from your luxury villa in Northern Cyprus.

How is Northern Cyprus Different from Daios Cove?

While there are many similarities between Northern Cyprus and Daios Cove, there are a few major differences that you will notice. Let’s take a look at the biggest ones.

The Cost

The biggest thing we hear from our luxury villa clients who have also visited Daios Cove is that Northern Cyprus is much more affordable. This provides you with an opportunity to get much more for your money. You can get comparable luxury for a much smaller price.

The Atmosphere

While there is no doubt that both Daios Cove and Northern Cyprus are great for relaxation, one added bonus about life in Northern Cyprus is the vibrant social life. Purchasing a luxury villa here provides you easy access to the broader community. While you can still live a luxurious lifestyle, you can also easily encounter friendly locals and community events. Thus, it feels much more likely being part of a community than in an isolated resort.

Ready to Live the Luxurious Daios Cove Lifestyle Here in Northern Cyprus?

If you have dreamt about the luxurious lifestyle of Daios Cove and want it to be a permanent part of your life, take a look at Northern Cyprus. Purchasing a luxury villa on the island will give you all the benefits of visiting Daios Cove and even more for a much more affordable price point. Come find out why our clients love the luxury of Northern Cyprus.