Should I Buy a Villa or an Apartment?

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  • What is a Villa?
  • Benefits of a Villa
  • Benefits of an Apartment

We have dealt with many happy clients over the years, and one of the questions that we frequently get relates to what type of space is best for living in Cyprus. Specifically, many people go back and forth trying to determine whether they want to buy a villa or an apartment. Let’s take a look at the advantages of each to help make your decision a bit easier.

What is a Villa?

While everyone is familiar with an apartment, some people may be a bit new to the term villa. The term is most frequently used in southern Europe and the United Kingdom. If this is new to you, let’s take some time to explain.

A villa has its roots in Roman history where it referred to a summer residence outside of Rome. Since this time, its usage has evolved a bit. Now, the term villa typically refers to a small, detached home in an urban or suburban area. Villas are often home to just one family.

Benefits of a Villa

If you are thinking about choosing a villa for your residence in Northern Cyprus, there are many reasons why this makes an excellent choice.

More Privacy

Many people who value privacy and space will find villas to be the perfect accommodation. These are independent homes that provide you with your own unit, meaning that when you are home, you are truly by yourself.

Relaxing Pace of Life

For those who are seeking the opportunity to just relax in Northern Cyprus, a villa may be the preferred route. These are great places for those wanting a slower pace of life. You’ll typically have a greater area to yourself and will truly have a place to call your own at the end of the day, allowing you to just relax as you wish.

Long Term Value

If you are planning to possibly sell your home eventually, you will typically get a better return on your investment with a villa. Villas tend to appreciate at higher rates than do apartments. Thus, one of the thinks to consider when looking at villas is your plans for the future with the property.


Villas are a lot easier to customize than apartments. As they are stand alone properties, you will have a greater ability to truly make it your own residence. This is one reason why many people prefer a villa over an apartment. You can truly make it feel like your own with little effort.

Benefits of an Apartment

While villas are certainly a popular accommodation in Northern Cyprus, there are many people that prefer apartments as well. Let’s take a look at the biggest benefits for purchasing an apartment.

Connection to Community

For those wanting to meet new people, an apartment is a great choice. You will have many neighbors which makes it relatively easy to make connections right away. An apartment provides somewhat of an instant social introduction to many others, making the transition to life in Cyprus a bit easier.

Added Convenience

Apartments typically have things like utilities and trash pickup coordinated by a central person. Thus, an apartment can make life a bit more convenient as you will have less things to setup on your own. This will of course vary from apartment to apartment but is something to keep in mind. Building policies can help make things a bit easier to navigate.

Added Security

While Northern Cyprus is an incredibly safe place to live, many people do enjoy the added layer of security that comes with buying an apartment. Apartments are naturally structured in a way that provides a bit of extra protection to your dwelling and belongings, something that can help make people feel a bit more comfortable.

Money Savings

If you are wanting to save a little money, you will find that apartments tend to be cheaper than villas. The financial benefits to buying an apartment can be significant, particularly if this is a place where you plan to retire. Apartments are also much easier to maintain as they typically have a bit less space.


Unlike villas, many apartments come with central amenities. These can include things like pools, laundry facilities, and small gyms. Apartment living provides you with many options for what you want as apartment communities can be quite diverse ranging from basic to luxurious.

Ready to Find Your Dream Northern Cyprus Villa or Apartment?

If you are ready to find your dream place to live in Northern Cyprus, we are happy to assist you. Whether you want a villa or apartment, you will find many excellent choices in our offerings. Take a look, and contact us for more information.