Living on the Island & Wonderful Mediterranean Climate

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  • Benefits of Living on the Island in Northern Cyprus
  • Northern Cyprus’ Mediterranean Climate
  • Interested in Living on the Island? 

There are many reasons that people are flocking to Northern Cyprus. After all, it is a truly wonderful place to live. However, some of the much appreciated aspects of living in this area are the culture of living on the island paired with the highly desired Mediterranean climate. Let's take a look at why these factors generate a lot of interest in property for sale in Northern Cyprus.

Benefits of Living on the Island in Northern Cyprus

Cyprus has a unique position, being centered between a wide array of areas such as Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Thus, Cyprus is a vibrant mixture of multiple cultures, something that makes living on the island incredibly intriguing for those wanting to learn and experience different traditions.

Many aspects of the island’s culture can be showcased in the variety of festivals that you will find each year on Northern Cyprus. While far too numerous to discuss each one, some of the more popular include the Famagusta Art & Culture Festival, Templos Olive Festival, Iskele Traditional Festival, and Bellapais Silk Cocoon Festival. These events represent an opportunity for people to come together, showcase their history & culture, share favorite food dishes, and have fun.

Another wonderful aspect of living on the island is the nation's beauty. No matter where you live in Northern Cyprus, you will not be far from beautiful beaches. In fact, Northern Cyprus has more than two dozen gorgeous sandy beaches.

Meanwhile, living on the island also brings you wonderful culinary dishes to try. You will find many high-quality restaurants and locally owned tavernas that offer traditional Turkish Cypriot fare. The halloumi, tarhana, and souvlaki are particular favorites, although it would take months to try all the many delicious culinary favorites.

Convenience is another reason that many people enjoy living on Northern Cyprus. Life on the island has a slow pace of life that is quite relaxing, particularly for those who are retired or expats. Crossing from Northern Cyprus to Southern Cyprus and back is relatively easy. Additionally, while Northern Cypriots speak Turkish, most also speak English, making communication very easy for most.

A final reason why people love living on the island is due to the wonderful cost of living. Northern Cyprus uses the Turkish Lira as its primary currency. Thus, prices tend to be roughly 30% cheaper than those in Euro zone countries or even in Southern Cyprus. In addition to helping with day-to-day purchases, this is a major reason people prefer finding property for sale in Northern Cyprus. The affordable nature of even luxury accommodations is a huge drawing point.

Northern Cyprus’ Mediterranean Climate

While there are many reasons people flock to Northern Cyprus, one of the things most frequently cited is the wonderful Mediterranean climate. Located amidst the Mediterranean Sea to the south of Turkey, Cyprus is characterized by summers that are dry and quite warm, making for the perfect occasion to flock to the beach or engage in water-based activities in the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean climate also brings the island very mild winters. During this time, you are more likely to encounter rain. However, the island still sports over 300 sunny days each year, meaning there are still plenty of excellent days in the winter. The nation also features relatively short spring and autumn seasons which serve as transitions between the primary two.

During the summers, the Mediterranean climate brings temperatures that average 35 degrees during the daytime and 25 degrees at night. The highest temperatures typically occur during July and August. Winter temperatures tend to see highs averaging 18 degrees during the day and lows of 9 degrees at night. Thus, even in the winter, the Mediterranean climate keeps the island relatively comfortable. You will no longer need a heavy coat when you move to Northern Cyprus.

Meanwhile, for those who enjoy spending time in the water, the temperature in the Mediterranean Sea around the island ranges from 22 degrees to 27 degrees from June to November, making it quite comfortable. Thus, it will not surprise you to find that Northern Cyprus is well known for its water sports. Scuba diving is one of the big draws; however, there are also options such as jet skis, parasailing, ocean kayaking, and more.

Interested in Living on the Island?

Northern Cyprus has been drawing people who dream of living on the island for dozens of years. With a wonderful Mediterranean climate, diverse culture, beautiful landscape, and affordable cost of living, it is one of the most popular places for people looking to move internationally.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the affordable home prices and experiencing this nation’s relaxing pace of living, we invite you to take a look at properties available in Northern Cyprus. Whether you are wanting a luxury condo, beautiful villa, or seaside apartment, you will find many options with surprisingly low costs. As always, feel free to contact us should you have any questions or if you are ready for assistance in finding your dream Northern Cyprus property and enjoying the life of living on the island.